Sunday, April 23, 2006

Affordable Europe for Americans on Budget?
From the New York Times:
Live well, spend less. It’s a nice concept — but one that’s often hard to pull off when you are an American tourist traveling through Europe and struggling to find ways to offset the weakness of the dollar. Here is some help: money-saving tips on everything from hotel rooms to cultural events from New York Times correspondents and contributors in 16 major European cities.
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Visiting Maui?
Here's a good site for finding info about this gorgeous island:
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Quaint hotel in Luanda, Angola
The below article describes the Soleme hotel in Luanda with loving detail. In fact, writer John Reed, FT's southern Africa correspondent, declares the Soleme to be his "favourite hotel in Angola - no, in Africa. No, in the world."
Hospitality warmer than the weather
By John Reed
Financial Times
FT Weekend Travel
Published: April 22 2006 03:00 Last updated: April 22 2006 03:00
Find Soleme on the web at

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Rave Review for our Expert London Advice!

Thank you so much for putting together the wonderful itinerary for my two weekends in London. Your selections for points of interest were right up my alley, and I truly enjoyed my stay in the gorgeous city. My tired feet just kept on going, trying to take in the spirit of London. Armed with my itinerary and the AtoZ street map, I was one adventurous stranger in town. My all time favorite was the market you suggested. I wouldn't mind spending all day there. And the food! Yummy. My mouth was watering just thinking about it. The Underground was excellent. I'm glad you encouraged me to take advantage of it. Thank you again, and I look forward to another opportunity to request your service again.

Ocean, New Jersey

Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Book about Easter Island

The Law of the Island: A Rapa Nui Travelogue
by Chris Osburn
Photography by Emilia Osburn

Full of color photos, The Law of the Island is a 22-page travelogue about a recent adventure to Easter Island, where the only thing more enigmatic than the island's mysterious stone statues is the cast of intriguing characters who reside on - or travel across the globe to visit - the most remotely inhabited island in the world.

Copies of The Law of the Island cost $8 each (free shipping anywhere in the world).

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